Clean Water Shreveport


Our sewer system is old and has deteriorated over time. Parts of it are undersized and in poor condition. Some of the pipes leak due to corrosion from sewer gases, cracking or breaking from shifting soil, or even stress from blockages within the pipe. These issues have caused sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) to occur throughout our city. When this happens, untreated sewage can be released onto the ground or into waterways.


The City’s Program Management Consultant occasionally provides updates about the status of the Clean Water Shreveport program through public presentations and progress reports. These communications are intended to summarize key program activities and provide visibility into projects and initiatives.

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Specifications and Standards

Shreveport standard specifications for streets, storm drainage, water, and sewerage which include standard specifications for materials and construction methods for public works improvements in the City of Shreveport.

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