The projects for the City of Shreveport’s Consent Decree will be defined in the City’s Remediation Measures Plans (RMPs) and the Wastewater Master Plan. These projects will include sewer rehabilitation and capacity improvements to the wastewater collection system in order to increase conveyance capacity and mitigate sanitary sewer overflows. The projects for the Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program are defined in the City’s Capital Projects and Proposed Infrastructure Improvement Program Report and the City’s Five-year Capital Improvement Program. These projects will provide increased capacity and reliability to the water system and reduce potential leaks from old infrastructure.

Sewer Rehabilitation
The RMPs will identify the sewers which require rehabilitation. The rehabilitation of these sewers will likely be divided into several projects to be designed and constructed separately. The design engineer will use methods such as sliplining, cured-in-place pipe(CIPP), pipe bursting, point repairs or chemical grouting. These methods reduce the amount of flow entering the pipe from infiltration and inflow (I/I). These types of projects will occur all over the City of Shreveport during the Program duration. As the projects are identified, they will be listed on this website.

Sewer Capacity Improvements
The Wastewater Master Plan will identify the sewers requiring capacity improvements. These sewers will be upsized to reduce hydraulic bottlenecks in the system and convey wet weather flows to the Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs). These projects will include installation of larger pipes or construction of parallel pipes to increase conveyance capacity, as well as pump station improvements to handle future wet weather peak flows. The new sewers will either replace existing sewers that are too small, or supplement existing sewers at locations where additional capacity is needed. The capacity of pump stations may be increased to handle the projected wastewater flows. Capacity improvements may also occur at the two WWTPs to effectively handle all projected flows.

Water Infrastructure Improvements
Both the Capital Projects and Proposed Infrastructure Improvement Program Report and the Five-year Capital Improvement Projects Report define the water lines to be rehabilitated or replaced. These reports also define improvements for the Amiss Water Treatment Plant and associated pump stations. These projects will include replacement of existing water lines to increase capacity, installation of parallel or larger lines to increase pressure and capacity, and the replacement of other water appurtenances.