Clean Water Shreveport

Phase 2


A total of 17 total construction projects were developed based on the Phase 2 RMP. All 17 projects have reached final completion. The City Implemented a second phase in five neighborhoods including Lakeside, Queensborough, Querbes, and sewer rehabilitation and replacement projects focused on fixing defects in the City’s sewer pipes. These projects have been completed and represent a significant investment in the City’s underground sewer infrastructure.

Detailed Project Information

ProjectProject TypeContractorBudgetStatus
Westside Sewer ReplacementWastewaterWicker Construction$1,904,000 CompletedPhase 2
South Querbes RehabWastewaterMitchell Contracting$10,623,000 CompletedPhase 2
North Querbes RehabWastewaterMitchell Contracting$13,977,000 CompletedPhase 2
Queensboro Area 1 RehabWastewaterPM Rehab$5,752,000 CompletedPhase 2
Queensboro Area 2 RehabWastewaterInsituForm$7,818,000 CompletedPhase 2
Queensboro Area 3 Sewer ReplacementWastewaterBelt Construction$14,363,000 CompletedPhase 2
Westside Sewer RehabilitationWastewaterBLD$9,634,000 CompletedPhase 2
North Highland, Choctaw & Queensboro RehabWastewaterSuncoast$7,665,000 CompletedPhase 2
Mansfield & Claiborne Area ReplacementWastewaterBelt Construction$3,147,000 CompletedPhase 2
South Highlands ReplacementWastewaterPM Rehab$4,349,000 CompletedPhase 2
South Querbes ReplacementWastewaterPM Rehab$2,294,000 CompletedPhase 2
North Querbes ReplacementWastewaterPM Rehab$2,881,000 CompletedPhase 2
South Highlands West RehabWastewaterBLD$8,873,000 CompletedPhase 2
South Highlands East RehabWastewaterPM Rehab$7,037,000 CompletedPhase 2
North Highlands ReplacementWastewaterWicker Construction$5,649,000 CompletedPhase 2
North Highlands IntreceptorWastewaterWicker Construction$3,289,000 CompletedPhase 2
Lift StationsWastewaterBelt$3,832,000 CompletedPhase 2