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Completed Critical Projects


The City completed an extensive capital improvement planning effort to identify additional Critical Projects for delivery and execution in the coming years. These projects were selected by applying an Integrated Planning Approach to consider all compliance and utility obligations. As a result, this group of projects provides a balanced investment into both the City’s wastewater and water utilities. The projects were identified to address three main goals: 1) address and mitigate sanitary sewer overflows 2) support the City’s regulatory compliance obligations – wastewater and water, and 3) enable reliable utility service to continue. While these projects vary in their level of definition, the current cost for completing design and construction activities is estimated to be approximately $415 million. It is expected that additional activities, initiatives, and projects will be identified in future years as the City continues to progress ongoing planning activities.

A summary of the City’s Critical Projects is presented below.

Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
ProjectProject TypeStatusDesignerBudget
North Pierre Lift Station Roof RepairWastewaterCompletedKSA Engineers$73,700
Stoner Lift Station Emergency RepairWastewaterCompletedBalar and Associates$1,475,000
Southern Trace Lift Station ImprovementsWastewaterCompletedBurk-Kleinpeter, Inc.$300,000
North Regional WWTP- Levee Repair #1WastewaterCompletedCoyle Engineering$157,192
Public Landing Lift Station ImprovementsWastewaterCompletedRaley and Associates$700,000
Golf Link Drive SewerWastewaterCompletedCity of Shreveport$312,000
719 Edwards Sewer Main RehabilitationWastewaterCompletedCity of Shreveport$650,000
Caddo Bossier Port-Sewer RepairWastewaterCompletedNA$78,000

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