Clean Water Shreveport


Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

What is Clean Water Shreveport?

Clean Water Shreveport is an ambitious multi-year program that is Shreveport’s former effort to comply with the Consent Decree mandated in 2014 to repair defects in the sanitary sewer system to eliminate SSOs.

About the Projects

The efforts to analyze the entire collection system and eliminate all sources of Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) and SSOs are to be completed under 5 phases of work in the first 9 years of the Consent Decree.

Those phases along with Critical Projects are listed below. 

Phases & Critical Projects

Critical Projects

Current projects under construction were identified in early 2020 to support the City’s obligation to provide reliable utility service to its customers and address known facility and operational issues being experienced by the utility.

Phase 1 Projects

The City constructed 30 total projects within SSA Phase 1. All 30 projects have reached final completion. The City Began construction in various areas in 2016 working within nine neighborhoods including Allendale, Cedar Grove, and Hollywood Heights.


Phase 2 Projects

A total of 17 total construction projects were developed based on the Phase 2 RMP. All 17 projects have reached final completion and represent a significant investment in the City’s underground sewer infrastructure.