Phase 1

The City constructed 30 total projects within SSA Phase 1. All 30 projects have reached final completion. The City Began construction in various areas in 2016 working within nine neighborhoods including Allendale, Cedar Grove, and Hollywood Heights.

DescriptionDesignerBudgetStage Gate
Dowdell & FairfieldWicker Construction$8,868,000Final Completion
Wyngate & W 84thS&J$5,593,000Final Completion
Garden Valley Unit 2John Plott$3,551,000Final Completion
Union & WallaceJohn Plott$6,356,000Final Completion
Cedar Grove Trunk MainYor-Wic$7,111,000Final Completion
Hollywood Ditch/W 70thDon Barron$4,300,000Final Completion
W Canal & Valleyview TrunkJohn Plott$8,274, 000Final Completion
Garden ValleyWicker Construction$3,147,000Final Completion
Karen & DollarwayWicker Construction$1,814,000Final Completion
Sunset Acres & Cargill (Hickory Ridge LS)Hemphill$13,098,000Final Completion
Joe Louis & EversDon Barron$3,181,000Final Completion
Wyngate & WallaceSuncoast$10,984,000Final Completion
Hollywood & KennedyWicker Construction$13,288,000Final Completion
Linwood & FairfieldJohn Plott$13,208,000Final Completion
Linwood & LinePM Rehab$4,460,000Final Completion
Standard OilWicker Construction$1,316,000Final Completion
Monkhouse & InterstateWicker Construction$1,207,000Final Completion
Greenwood & Junior PlaceWicker Construction$1,541,000Final Completion
Hollywood & SingletaryBelt Construction$4,624,000Final Completion
Henry & KennedyPM Rehab$5,576,000Final Completion
Jewella & ClarkePulley$5,134,000Final Completion
Hearne & Hollywood TrunkmainHemphill$11,953,000Final Completion
Mansfield Rd & CorbittS&J$5,537,000Final Completion
Jewella & GreenwoodPM Rehab$3,316,000Final Completion
CIPPL Package 1Mitchell Contracting$9,145,000Final Completion
CIPPL Package 2Suncoast$13,637,000Final Completion
CIPPL Package 3SAK$7,902,000Final Completion
CIPPL Package 4InsituForm$11,633,000Final Completion
Meadow Parkway Lift Station RehabDixie Overland$207,000Final Completion
Cedar Grove & Slack Lift StationDixie Overland$288,000Final Completion
Installation of Inflow PreventorsYor-Wic$325,000Final Completion