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Office of Fair Share Networking Event

The City of Shreveport’s Office of Fair Share is designed to deliver meaningful resource
services and assistance in the enhancement of economic opportunities for small and
economically disadvantaged businesses. In addition, the office is dedicated to creating and
implementing policies and procedures that assist the under-served, underutilized, and
disadvantaged business with gaining greater access to procurement opportunities.
Vendors and contractors interested in participating in the City’s Fair Share program are
invited to apply online at

The Department of Water & Sewerage and program management team had the pleasure
of attending a “Mix & Mingle: Building Relations” networking event hosted by the Office of
Fair Share on December 9, 2021. Participants had the opportunity to meet and interact
with potential contractors and business representatives.

(Left to Right) Brandon Snead (W&S), Shocker Creal, and William Daniel (W&S)
attend the City’s Mix & Mingle hosted by The Office of Fairshare.

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