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Ladonna Bromfield

Ladonna Bromfield is the Operations Manager for Clean Water Shreveport. In her role, she is responsible for effective management of labor, productivity, quality control, and safety measures for the Clean Water Shreveport project. Bromfield also serves as a company representative on regulatory issues while enhancing and refining operational procedures and systems in reporting, management, information flow, and business processes. Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Accounting from Hunter College, a Master’s of Business Administration from Louisiana State University at Shreveport, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth, Bromfield has worked with Clean Water Shreveport since 2019. Bromfield was awarded the Thurgood Marshall Award during her time at the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth and has been a consistent supporter of entrepreneurship in the Greater Shreveport community.

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