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DILG League Drive Sanitary Overflow Mitigation Project

The Dilg League Drive Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Mitigation project will address SSOs
that have occurred at a manhole near Dilg League Drive during significant rain events
since late 2018. The improvements will include the installation of a wet-weather flow storage
facility on the Atkins Park property to capture flows that exceed the capacity of the Hardy
Lift Station. Wastewater will be returned to the collection system after flow rates return to
normal. The project is currently under design. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2023.
Additional information about the project can be found at

Completion of this project will enable the City to address compliance requirements under
the consent decree and enhance the resiliency of the sanitary sewer collection system.
The improvements are expected to cost approximately $13.5 million. The City intends to
apply $2 million in local American Rescue Plan funds to the project. The rest of the
project’s cost will be paid for using a Water Sector Program grant and local funds.

The City received a grant award of $5 million after submitting an application for the project
to the Louisiana Water Sector Program. The Water Sector Program was created in 2021 by
the State of Louisiana to provide grant funding for repairs, improvements, and
consolidation of community water and sewer systems around the state. In January 2022,
the Louisiana Water Sector Commission approved $300 million in funding for 87 projects
statewide, including for the City of Shreveport. The City received the maximum allocation
of $5 million per application.

(Left to Right) William Daniel, Mayor Adrian Perkins, Councilwoman Tabatha Taylor (District A), Rep. Sam Jenkins, Sen. Robert Mills

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