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The City completed an extensive capital improvement planning effort to identify additional Critical Projects for delivery and execution in the coming years. These projects were selected by applying an Integrated Planning Approach to consider all compliance and utility obligations. As a result, this group of projects provides a balanced investment into both the City’s wastewater and water utilities. The projects were identified to address three main goals: 1) address and mitigate sanitary sewer overflows 2) support the City’s regulatory compliance obligations – wastewater and water, and 3) enable reliable utility service to continue. While these projects vary in their level of definition, the current cost for completing design and construction activities is estimated to be approximately $415 million. It is expected that additional activities, initiatives, and projects will be identified in future years as the City continues to progress ongoing planning activities.

A summary of the City’s Critical Projects is presented below.

The City has made significant progress in delivering its Critical Project Portfolio. Current projects under construction were identified in early 2020 to support the City’s obligation to provide reliable utility service to its customers and address known facility and operational issues being experienced by the utility. The development and delivery of each project is managed through a defined Stage / Gate process that provides an opportunity for the City’s Water and Sewerage Department and utility staff involvement at key milestones.

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A summary of the City’s Critical Projects is presented below.

Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
  • Water Projects
  • Wastewater Projects
ProjectProject TypeDesignerBudgetStatus
Amiss Ozone Water Treatment PlantWaterBurns and McDonnell$36,500,000In-Progress
Fire Protection/Flow Rating and Property Insurance
Association of Louisiana (PIAL) Requirements
Revised Lead and Copper Rule ObligationsWaterTBATBAFuture
Cross Lake and Dam Spillway RehabilitationWaterTBATBAFuture
Amiss Water Treatment Plant
Transmission Piping and Valve Replacement
Water Pump Station Stand by Generator installationWaterTBATBAFuture
Review & Update Water System Risk
Resiliency Assessment and Emergency Response Plan
Twelve Mile Bayou Pump Station Discharge Main Evaluation and TestingWaterTBATBAFuture
Citywide Smart Water Meter ReplacementWaterTBATBAFuture
70th & Pines Boster Pump Station RehabilitationWaterTBATBAFuture
St. Vincent Elevated Storage Tank RehabilitationWaterTBATBAFuture
West Shreveport Elevated Storage Tank RehabilitationWaterTBATBAFuture
Water System Winterization and Resiliency ImprovementsWaterTBATBAFuture
Water Main Renewal and Replacement ProgramWaterTBATBAFuture
Water SCADA Master Plan and ImplementationWaterTBATBAFuture
ProjectProject TypeDesignerBudgetStatus
Wallace Interceptor at Boggy BayouWastewaterAillet, Fenner, Jolly, & McClelland, Inc.$3,000,000Future
North Pierre Lift Station Roof RepairWastewaterKSA Engineers$73,700Completed
Stoner Lift Station Emergency RepairWastewaterBalar and Associates$1,475,000Completed
North Regional WWTP- Levee Repair #2WastewaterCoyle Engineering$200,000In-Progress
Southern Trace Lift Station ImprovementsWastewaterBurk-Kleinpeter, Inc.$300,000Completed
North Regional WWTP- Levee Repair #1WastewaterCoyle Engineering$157,192Completed
City Wide Water & Sewer On Demand RepairWastewaterCity of Shreveport$3,000,000In-Progress
Lucas & North Regional WWTP UVWastewaterBalar Associates, Inc$13,500,000Future
Public Landing Lift Station ImprovementsWastewaterRaley and Associates$700,000Completed
Stratmore Lift Station RehabilitationWastewaterHalf & Associates$650,000Future
Lift Station RehabilitationsWastewaterBurk-Kleinpeter, Inc.$4,577,000In-Progress
“Sludge Farm” Facility ImprovementsWastewaterKSA Engineers$2,500,000In-Progress
Golf Link Drive SewerWastewaterCity of Shreveport$312,000Completed
719 Edwards Sewer Main RehabilitationWastewaterCity of Shreveport$650,000Completed
Exposed Sewer Main in Bayou PierreWastewaterKSA Engineers$750,000Future
McNeil Slope Stability ImprovementsWastewaterRaley & Associates, Inc.$650,000On-Hold
Manhole Rehabilitation & I/I ReductionWastewaterTBD$1,557,861In-Progress
Caddo Bossier Port-Sewer RepairWastewaterNA$78,000Completed
Southern Force Main ImprovementsWastewaterTBATBAFuture
Cedar Force Main ImprovementsWastewaterTBATBAFuture
Stoner Force Main ImprovementsWastewaterTBATBAFuture
Wallace Force Main ImprovementsWastewaterTBATBAFuture
Gravity Sewer Main Improvements packageWastewaterTBATBAFuture
Lift Station Rehabilitation PackageWastewaterTBATBAFuture
Brookmeade & Querbes SSO MitigationWastewaterTBATBAFuture
Dilg League SSO MitigationWastewaterTBATBAFuture
Water Main Renewal and Replacement ProgramWastewaterTBATBAFuture

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