Clean Water Shreveport

Annual Hot Spot Cleaning

About the Program

Annual Hot Spot Cleaning is a crucial component of the City of Shreveport’s efforts to comply with a federally mandated Sewer Consent Decree Program initiated in May 2014. This program involves the performance of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) inspections on sanitary sewers and manholes throughout the city. The primary purpose of this annual cleaning and CCTV program is to obtain reliable information on the gravity sewer conditions of each sewer asset.

A crew member at Compliance EnviroSystems (CES) oversees real-time camera feeds for Hot Spot cleaning.

Program Origins

The initiative began in May 2022, with the initial program focusing on sewers in specific subbasins, such as Highland, Princess Park, and Texas Pierre. These sub-basins cover various neighborhoods, including Highland-Stoner Hill, Downtown Riverfront, Allendale-Lakeside, and Queensborough. The program achieved the cleaning and CCTV inspection of approximately 155,000 linear feet of gravity sewer main and over 570 sewer manholes.

2023 Program

The 2023 Program, which started in June 2023, extended its coverage to the Agurs, Cross Bayou, Lower Cross Lake, and Martin Luther King subbasins, encompassing neighborhoods like Martin Luther King Jr., Freestate-North Highlands, and Allendale-Lakeside. This year’s program includes about 165,000 linear feet of gravity sewer main and more than 1,000 sewer manholes. As of September 2023, approximately 33% of the scope has been completed, with manhole inspection work scheduled for the winter.

During Hot Spot cleaning, a Compliance EnviroSystems (CES) crew member directs a pipe into a sewer line.

Compliance EnviroSystems

Compliance EnviroSystems (CES), the City’s contractor, executes the tasks specified in the Annual Cleaning and CCTV Program. This work is conducted in addition to the regular cleaning and inspection work performed by City crews. The collective effort helps proactively identify sewer pipes and manholes that may require repair, allowing the City to effectively maintain and operate its sanitary sewer system and mitigate the potential for Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs). Any sewer assets identified by CES as needing repair are reported to the City, which then determines the appropriate action for maintenance or repair.

Program Impact

The CCTV videos of sewer pipes and the condition assessment reports for sewer assets are invaluable resources used by the City to plan future capital improvement design projects. By continuously implementing these programs and maintaining its aging infrastructure properly, the City aims to reduce overflows and continue its proactive maintenance of the sewer system. The initial program, launched in May 2022, has already demonstrated impressive results, with a reduction in SSOs of approximately 50% during this time, achieved through the cleaning of more than 210,000 feet of sewer line. The City envisions expanding this program to cover all sewers on a rotational basis to further enhance the maintenance and inspection of its sewer infrastructure.